Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. founded in 1989, is a state-of-the-art designer and manufacturer of RF signal management communications equipment. The company’s products are globally distributed and vital for RF signal management. Quintech products are the keystones to the automation of today’s advanced telecommunication network infrastructures and test laboratories. Our worldwide customers include satellitegovernmentwireless telecommunicationsbroadcast and CATV service providers. Quintech produces RF matrix switchesRF over fiberredundancy switchesrelay switches, splitters, combiners, amplifiers and DC powering products and equipment. The products are available in L-band, broadband, IF and wireless frequencies. These RF signal management products are used for monitor and control, test and measurement, redundancy applications and surveillance. Quintech products are designed for high reliability and maximized uptime providing years of maintenance free service. We emphasize the design and development of superior RF signal management products to provide the highest quality systems and solutions for our valued customers.

 Customer Driven Technology Solutions

Automate the wireless test laboratory with effective and reliable Quintech Matrix Switches. Reconfigurable Matrices automate and enable testing of interoperable commercial telecommunications equipment with emerging cellular infrastructures.


Leading Designer and Manufacturer of World Class RF Signal Management Solutions:

Our products and system solutions are deployed worldwide in the most demanding network environments. We traverse the entire telecommunications industry with products that serve various Command and Control, Test and Measurement, Signal Management and Monitoring applications.



Highly Skilled Staff and Professional Personnel:

Our company personnel are dedicated to provide world class RF designs, products and solutions. Since 1989, we have provided growth and advancement opportunities to our highly skilled technical and manufacturing staff. Our engineering professionals design and layout in-house complex PCBs, mechanical, electrical and digital controls. Our sales and customer service staff are solely dedicated to providing the best products and services that assure customer satisfaction.



State of the Art Facility and World Class Manufacturing Capability:

The company factory is a 38,000 sf. building located in western Pennsylvania. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and practice only best of class engineering design, modern manufacturing methodologies and processes.