Since 1989, Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. has been providing L-band RF signal management solutions to the Satellite Industry. Quintech products are integral to global satellite, teleport and earth station operators. Our RF designs and solutions allow for reliable signal management in a compact, modular and high-density system. Quintech RF matrix switching systems provide optimal RF signal performance, automated path redundancy, signal level monitoring and LNB power requirements. Quintech products include L-band matrix switches that are configurable from symmetric 16x16 to 2048x2048 systems. Compact asymmetric switches such as 48x208 or 208x48 are available in a single 12 RU 256 port chassis with industry leading flatness. The Company also provides RF splitters and combiners, all of which are necessary for superior satellite RF distribution. A full suite of Quintech RF signal management products are used to control and monitor the next generation teleport and ground segment terminal.


L-Band RF Matrix Application

L-Band Matrix Switches:

Quintech ‘s full line of L-band matrix switching systems include the XTREME 256 Matrix Switch featuring 256 ports that can be arranged in a variety of large symmetric or asymmetric configurations utilizing a single chassis. Larger view
Quintech QE3 in a typical military application

Satellite RF Distribution:

The XTREME 80 Satellite Earth Station: Quintech’s full line of L-band matrix switches provide a flexible platform for satellite feed distribution. The XTREME 80-C allows any Rx input to be routed to any or all outputs. The XTREME 80 allows any or all Tx inputs to be combined and routed to specific uplinks. The XTREME 80 and XTREME 80-C provide seamless uplink and downlink capabilities, while allowing remote monitor and control. Larger view
Quintech QE3 in a typical military application

LNB Power & Redundancy:

Quintech’s model RPS 2150 provides a stable and reliable source for LNB power. The RPS’ internal bias tees allow a direct coaxial connection for LNB power insertion. The dual hot swap power supplies provide five 9’s of reliable LNB power. Larger view
Quintech QE3 in a typical military application

L-Band Line Amp:

The AMP 2150 series L-Band line amplifiers provide adjustable 0 to 24 db of gain. The units are available in both aluminum extrusion and rack-mount versions. Larger view