For over 25 years, Quintech has designed custom RF signal management products for our telecommunications customers. Our world class engineering team has > 120 years of combined RF design experience. We offer full mechanical and electrical hardware design capabilities, along with software and firmware control capabilities. We also have the practical bench experience required to deliver market ready products. Another core Quintech strength is innovation. We can take a product from concept to customer premises, or using Quintech’s proprietary technologies, design to customers’ desired features, function and performance. Examples of Quintech’s integrated RF designs:

Examples of Quintech’s integrated RF designs :

  • First commercial off-the-shelf RF matrix switches integrating fan-out (splitting) routing, self-terminating switches, programmable gain and attenuation, and RF sensing
  • Fully non-blocking, bi-directional 32x32 matrix switches with integrated splitters, combiners, self-terminating switches, and programmable attenuators
  • Programmable RF attenuator arrays with RF sensing
  • A high power handling solid-state 20-1000 MHz 16x16 RF matrix switch with a P1dB of > +12 dBm
  • Low loss splitting/combining elements offering 64 cable inputs all passively combined at each of 8 outputs for direct laser modulation
  • A 64-way “0” loss L-band rackmount splitter that also supplies LNB voltage
  • A solid state L-band substitution switch where any of 24 inputs can be substituted with one of two backup inputs and routed to the corresponding output
  • A relay based DC-2.8 GHz passive, bi-directional blocking RF matrix that can handle up to 50 watts of input power

  • Quintech also offers prototyping, manufacturing and RF test services. With 36,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, we offer flexible turnkey manufacturing. Our facilities build UL, CE and RoHS certified products. Quintech has recently upgraded its ISO 9001 certification to the latest ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Please contact Quintech at 1-800-839-3658 or to discuss your design and manufacturing requirements.