Since 2000, Quintech Electronics and Communications, Inc. have provided keystone NEXUS brand Test & Measurement matrix switches to tier one wireless testing laboratories around the world. These RF matrix switching systems allow for wireless test lab automation providing repeatable, recordable and remotely controlled testing. Our global customer base includes network service providers, network equipment, chipset, and device and UE manufacturers. This automation is critical for the complex, ever changing wireless environment referred to as 4G, 5G WiFi, LTE, LTE-U, IoT, commonly referenced with regard to convergence and the networked society. The company also provides lab management software that allows for scheduling multiple remote users, bringing cost and resource efficiency to a critical part of the product development and verification process and improving ROI. Quintech lab automation products and software, accompanied with millisecond switching speeds, enable the emulation of free space in a controlled environment.

Test and Measurement Matrix Switches:

Automate the wireless test laboratory with effective and reliable Quintech Matrix Switches. Reconfigurable Matrices automate and enable testing of interoperable commercial telecommunications equipment with emerging cellular infrastructures.

Wireless Test Lab Automation:

Eliminate manual patch panel testing and reconfigure tests automatically. Eliminate configuration errors. Record, repeat and reproduce automated tests.


Heterogeneous Network Test Equipment:

Test equipment for the ever more complex HetNet infrastructure including beam forming antennas, self-optimized networks (SON) and distributed antenna system (DAS) for rapidly evolving wireless platforms.


Lab Software:

Computer control and software automation allow the full benefit of the Matrix Switch to be realized in the wireless test equipment laboratory. Quintech Electronics proprietary Q-LAAMP™ laboratory automation management software provides the test laboratory the ability for a large number of individual users to run tests simultaneously.


MIMO Test lab:

The architecture of the Matrix Switch enables emulation of free space in a controlled environment by allowing controlled summing of signals from any combination of the inputs.


Wirelss Mesh Test Bed:

Wireless Mesh Network Test Bed: Multi-hop wireless mesh networks can be a very cost effective network for supporting large distributed communications with applications ranging from mobile wireless broadband to Military usage. Testing mobility of mesh networks involves physically moving devices around inside the shield room of the lab or using simulation techniques with questionable accuracy. Accurate test environments require a combination of the two. This is accomplished by putting wireless nodes into RF shielded enclosures. Antennas are removed and replaced with cables that connect wireless devices to the Quintech mesh network test solution which includes any-to-any connections with on/off switching and attenuators to simulate distance. Using this solution, devices can be interconnected with attenuation creating diverse network topologies with complete reproducibility. The switches can be remotely reconfigured in milliseconds, changing connections and attenuations. Such a test bed can used for testing LTE Direct devices, WiFi mesh routers, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) mesh, small cells mesh backhaul and SON interference control, ad-hoc and sensor networks. Quintech’s wireless mesh network test bed is a scalable, controllable and cost-effective solution for these technologies.