For over 15 years, Quintech Electronics and Communications, Inc. has been manufacturing advanced RF matrix switching systems for Government and Military requirements. Globally, our products are integral to satellite earth station terminals, command and control centers and maritime satellite communications. Quintech’s innovative RF designs and system solutions allow for reliable signal management in a compact, modular and high-density design. Quintech’s RF matrix switching systems provide optimal signal performance while handling high RF input power levels and industry leading flatness. Quintech products include L-band matrix switches that are configurable from symmetric 16x16 to 2048x2048 systems. Compact asymmetric switches such as 48x208 or 208x48 are available in a single 12 RU 256 port chassis. Our full suite of RF signal management products and solutions are utilized in critical earth station and ground segment communications environments worldwide.


L-Band RF Matrix Application

RF Matrix Switching System:

Quintech’s XTREME 256 matrix switching systems provide routing of L-band 950 to 2150 MHz, broadband 50 to 1000 MHz and IF-band 50 to 200 MHz. Larger view

Satellite Earth Station:

The XTREME 80 Satellite Earth Station: Quintech’s full line of L-band matrix switches provide a flexible platform for satellite feed distribution. The XTREME 80-C allows any Rx input to be routed to any or all outputs. The XTREME 80 allows any or all Tx inputs to be combined and routed to specific uplinks. The XTREME 80 and XTREME 80-C provide seamless uplink and downlink capabilities, while allowing remote monitor and control. Larger view

Command & Control Center:

Quintech’s matrices are relied upon in critical military applications. They provide the ability to route multiple satellite feeds to multiple receivers or modems. In the event of primary feed loss, they have the ability to automatically connect to a back-up signal. Larger view

Wireless Mesh Network:

Multi-hop wireless mesh networks that are mobile, ad-hoc, self-forming and self-healing offer a full range of situational awareness data. This data includes intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance feeds, blue force tracking and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Larger view

Maritime Satellite Communications:

The XTREME 32 L-band matrix switching system allows for the routing of downlink satellite signals with the ability to distribute to multiple receivers. The XTREME 32 matrix switch provides the ability to combine multiple maritime satellite signals to the uplink antenna for transmission. Larger view

Custom RF Designs & Solutions:

Quintech Electronics & Communications Inc. prides itself on its ability to listen to our customers. We have been solving the constantly changing RF challenges our customers faced over the last 25 years. Our world-class team of engineers have been providing solutions for satellite, broadcast, wireless & government customers around the world. Many of our most complex products were developed in close collaboration with customers requiring specialized solutions. Larger view