160 Port Fan-Out L-Band Matrix Switch

The XTREME 160 next generation L-band matrix switch features up to 160 ports in a compact 4 RU chassis. The XTREME 160 is a full fan-out (distributive), non-blocking switch where an input can be routed to any or all outputs. The XTREME 160 features an industry exclusive flexible matrix architecture (patented) that supports both symmetric and asymmetric configurations of 160 combined inputs and outputs in a single chassis. Asymmetric configurations such as 32x128, 48x80, and more can be implemented as well as the standard 64x64 configuration. Optional 13/18V, 22 kHz tone LNB power is available on all input ports. The XTREME 160 is designed for maximum reliability with redundant power and control cards.

Features & Benefits

  • 50-200 MHz and 850-2450 MHz
  • Compact modular design up to 160 ports in 4 RU chassis
  • Asymmetrical configurations up to (48x80, 32x128, 64x96) in a single chassis
  • LNB power 750 mA per input 13/18 V with 22 KHz tone
  • Fiber optic receivers
  • Adjustable gain and attenuation on all inputs and outputs allows the user to adjust the RF level for optimum performance
  • Fast and easy hot-swap (less than 30 seconds) of any active cards