Routing Switch : XRF 8x8 to 64x128

The XRF4 is an ultra-compact wideband RF router for signals from 850 – 2450MHz. Featuring a 64x128 matrix configuration with direct fiber input modules and touch panel with integrated spectrum analyzer, the XRF4 is a fully integrated RF routing solution. Starting from a base 8x8 configuration, the XRF4 is a modular, scalable platform that offers flexible expansion options.

Features & Benefits

  • Large capacity router with superior frequency response, isolation, return loss and noise figure to preserve signal margin
  • Various connector options, adjustable gain and direct fiber options offer flexibility to meet any application requirement 
  • Built-in gain allows expansion up to 512x1024 using Evertz' passive splitters & combiners with no added point of failure
  • All active components are modular and hot-swappable, facilitating quick serviceability and maximum uptime
  • Optional integrated LNB power supplies, individually controllable on all inputs. Active current protection
  • Advanced monitoring/alarming and automatic recovery per port
  • Integrated 10" touchscreen display and built-in spectrum analyzer allow quick control and monitoring of all routes using customizable graphical user interfaces
  • User-friendly web browser provides access to all router controls and monitoring using Evertz' own VistaLINK PRO third-party compatible SNMP software
  • Immediate control and monitoring of routes, gain, threshold adjustments, RF power levels and LNB current values using Evertz' own MAGNUM control software