RF Splitters and Combiners: LSC 1000P Passive Broadband Splitters/ Combiner

The LSC 1000P series are commercial quality passive broadband RF splitters / combiners that meet strict level, match, and loss specifications achieved through the use of Quintech’s proprietary microstrip and SMT technology. They operate over the 5-1000 MHz frequency range and enable the splitting or combining of RF signals with repeatable performance over the entire frequency range and across all I/O ports.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient, centralized rack mount designs improve cable management.
  • Microstrip design provides better performance and reliability.
  • Larger configurations eliminate cascaded combiners for better performance.
  • Custom configurations for optimization of rack space and increased flexibility
  • Greatly improves cable management and aesthetics by allowing for easy access to cable routing and easing identification of cabling
  • Reduces cable connector failures by eliminating the need for frequent manual connects/disconnects.