7708LT Wideband RF Fiber Transmitter

The award winning Evertz 7800 family of multiframes provide flexibility in the truest form. With simultaneous processing capability of RF, Fiber, ASI, IP, 3G, HD/SD and more, these frames are designed to grow with the rapid changing needs of the facility and are available in a wide variety to defined below.

Standard features of all 7800 series multiframes include dual frame genlock providing stable reference signal across the internal bus to all installed modules which minimizes the cost spent on genlock distribution, global frame status alarming to provide quick alert to operations in the event of a failure, and interchangeable modules between all frames (both processing module and companion rear plate). Additionally all frames offer hot swappable dual redundant power supplies that allow for power supply and fan replacement without compromising the integrity of critical signal paths and true remote monitoring of all modules and signals within the chassis via a VistaLINK® frame controller. This configuration provides the SNMP network communication interface from the VistaLINK® Network Management Software to the chassis over the local or wide area network.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended frequency response for extended L–Band, off–air DTV, and other signals
  • Protocol independent design transports all modulation formats
  • LNB power with selectable 13/18V DC
  • LNB current limit and short circuit protection
  • LNB current monitoring for advance warning of LNB failure
  • 22kHz tone on/off for LNB local oscillator control
  • RF monitor output for signal peaking and signal distribution
  • Manual gain and AGC modes
  • Wide range adjustable gain in 0.5dB steps for fine tuning signal levels and optimizing CNR
  • Available with 1310nm, CWDM (ITU–T G.694.2) and +11dBm high power DWDM (ITU–T G.694.1) laser options
  • SmartMON™ capability provides remote status monitoring via SNMP without a separate data connection
  • VistaLINK® capability is available for monitoring and control when modules are used in a 3RU 350FR, 7800FR frame and a 7700FC VistaLINK® frame controller is installed in Slot 1 of the frame
  • Fiber link provides electrical isolation between antenna and facility, mitigating ground loop and lightning issues
  • The 7708LT occupies one card slot and can be housed in a 1RU frame that will hold up to 3x modules, a 3RU frame that will hold up to 15x modules, a 350FR which will hold up to 7x modules or a standalone enclosure, which holds one module