Lab Management and Resource Sharing In most labs, resources are a limiting factor for development and testing. Many teams need to access the same base stations and instruments. A traditional way to manage the labs and coordinate schedules is to use patch panels and change connections manually. However this approach is not scalable and is inefficient. It can be unreliable due to connector and cable fatigue after many changes.

NEXUS switches, powered by Q-LAAMP software, allow the lab manager to schedule resources in advance and optimize lab usage. Assigning base stations to RF isolation labs can be completed at the assigned time within seconds. Lab managers can easily manage dozens of base stations and labs and virtually eliminate system down time due to patch panel reconfiguration. Q-LAAMP also provides lab configuration views on demand, and generates activity reports on which resources are used and for how long. The lab manager can use these reports to optimize equipment inventory and lab availability.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved time to market
  • Bi-directional Nanosecond switching speeds
  • Automation of test configurations
  • Reduced cable fatigue