The XTREME 80 next generation fan-out and fan-in matrix switches are the highest density L-band matrix currently on the market that fits 80 total ports in a 2 RU chassis. The XTREME 80 features an industry exclusive flexible matrix architecture that supports both symmetric and asymmetric configurations of 80 combined input and output ports in a single chassis. Asymmetric configurations such as 16x64, 8x56, 40x24 and more can be implemented as well as the standard 32x32 configuration. Included in the high-density matrix are hot-swappable RF cards, redundant power supplies and control cards. Standard independent input and output variable gains allow the user to balance RF levels and provide optimum signal performance to the receivers or modems. The XTREME 80 can save up to 90% of rack space and inter-module cabling as compared to existing 16x16 technology. The unit provides easy access to cards for seamless upgrades and maintenance via the front panel without requiring cables to be disconnected or disrupting the signal paths of other cards in the system.

Features & Benefits

  • 850-2450 MHz frequency range
  • Compact modular design up to 80 ports in 2 RU chassis
  • Asymmetrical configurations up to 64 outputs in a single chassis
  • Adjustable gain and attenuation on all inputs amd outputs allows the user to adjust the RF level for optimum performance
  • Embedded Web GUI interface
  • Fast and easy hot-swap (less than 30 seconds) of any active cards
  • Redundant hot-swap control cards plus independent GUI control system
  • Remotely controlled via web browser GUI interface, SNMP, Telnet or TCP/IP via customer supplied PC