Features & Benefits

Q-ROUTE provides internal signal path redundancy by automatically re-routing around a failed signal path

Q-SENSE provides external signal path redundancy by automatic switching of back-up input signals

• Manual and automatic AGC modes with a range of -15 dB to +16 dB in 0.5 steps

• Front panel LED's allow monitoring of power supply & alarm status

• Modular design allows for easy system installations and expansion

• Remotely controlled via web browser interface

• Solid state switches provide seamless (nanoseconds) switching speeds

• Maximize use of existing equipment with automated switching and scheduling' no need for dedicated equipment

• The rear panel design facilitates structured cable routing, eliminating confusing tangles of cables



IF and L-band Routing Matrix Switch: QFM 50-200 / 950-2150

The QFM is a full fan-in RF matrix switch available in 1 RU as 8x8, 8x16, 16x8 and 16x16. The QFM can be expanded to a maximum system size of 32x32 by adding additional modules. The QFM features Quintech’s latest Q-ROUTE™ and Q-SENSE™ technology, which provides maximum reliability with signal path redundancy and auto reroute capabilities. The QFM is dual band with operating frequencies for IF 50 MHz - 200 MHz and 950 MHz - 2150 MHz. It also offers manual gain and AGC modes with a range of -20 dB to +8 dB in 0.5 dB steps with individual port control to support all modulation formats. The front panel LEDs allow monitoring of power supply and alarm status information.


    A Qunitech customer that operates multiple data centers had a requirement to send large amounts of data from one data center to multiple other data centers around the world. The most cost effective method of moving vast amounts of data is a satellite VSAT network. The transmit/receive modems had to be flexible in order to send and receive multiple sets of data to and from multiple locations. The customer required local and remote control capability since the data being transmitted and received constantly changed. In that the data streams were narrowband, more cost could be reduced by combining multiple data streams onto a single satellite transponder and for the global network, multiple satellites were utilized.


    Quintech’s QFM fan-in (combining) and QRM fan-out (splitting) matrices were perfect for providing the flexibility required. The customer could connect the transmit modems at the data center to the inputs of the QFM and flexibly combine the data streams from multiple modems to uplink to a satellite transponder. The receive data center could connect multiple satellite receive signals to the inputs of the QFM and flexibly route the satellite receive signals to multiple modems connected to customer servers


    Satellite RF Distribution using Quintech's QRM 16x16 Matrix Switch and QFM Fan-in Matrix Switch



    QFM Specifications


    Front View of QFM L-Band Matrix Switch

    QFM L-Band Matrix Switch