Features & Benefits

• 5-1800 MHz continuous frequency range covering all DOCSIS 3.1 to 1200 MHz and to future 1800 MHz frequencies
• L-Band 950-2150 MHz frequency range
• Unity gain switching with low noise figure
• Pay as you grow, expandable in the field to 256x1
• Remote control over TCP/IP via open source API
• Web browser interface for easy setup and configuration
• Remote testing of CATV headends and monitoring of upstream and downstream paths
• Automate testing of multiple devices under test to shared analyzer

Routing Switch : RFM

The RFM is a routing switch that transparently passes RF signals. Quintech’s proprietary design provides lossless switching while minimizing noise figure through the switch. It’s compact design fits 16x1 in a 1 RU chassis and the switches can be cascaded to expand to 256x1. The RFM is used for centralized test and measurement applications and monitoring large numbers of RF signals.



RFM Specifications



RFM 1800

RFM 2150

Operating Frequency:

5-1800 MHz

950-2150 MHz


16x1 (Up to 256x1 with Additional Modules)


75 Ω 50 Ω, 75 Ω


+3 dBm +4.5 dBm


17 dBm

Insertion Loss:

0 dB @±1 dB 0 dB @±2 dB


60 dB

45 dB

Input Return Loss:

14 dB

12 dB

Output Return Loss:

14 dB 12 dB

Noise Figure:

< 6 dB

<13 dB

RF Connector:

F-Type F-Type, SMA

Power Requirements:

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:

15 W

6 W

Remote Control:

Ethernet Port: TCP/IP, Web Browser Interface or SNMP

Control Module Connectors:

RJ45, XR Bus

Expansion Module Connectors:

XR Bus


1RU: 1.75” H x 19” W x 18.5” D


Front RFS