Quintech Electronics & Communications:
The Source for Reliable RF Signal Management Solutions

Quintech designs and manufactures state-of-the-art proprietary hardware solutions (DC to 40 GHz) to facilitate RF signal management for satellite, uplink and downlink applications in satellite teleports, cable, HFC headends, broadcast, wireless and military telecommunications networks. Quintech specializes in commercial-grade RF / microwave products for broadband, cable, satellite, L-band and intermediate frequency. Quintech's product line includes rack mount RF matrix switches, routers, splitters, combiners, frequency converters, relay switches, redundancy switches, line amplifiers and DC powering products for broadband, L-band and (IF) Intermediate Frequency applications.

Quintech Electronics and Communications Inc. has completed the acquisition of DEV Systemtechnik GmbH, and is pleased to offer our customers the full portfolio of products from both companies, including RF over fiber products, matrix switches and distribution amplifiers. Click on the link to see the products available from DEV www.dev-systemtechnik.com.


Please contact your Quintech sales representative for additional information 1.800.839.3658.
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